Welcome to Surimex

Surimex is the distributor for Australia & New Zealand of high quality single use devices. Surimex only deals in the best. We bring our merchandise from Europe and Asia. We are proud to represent well known names:

Wound drainage bottles under the brand name of Fixvac are available in 3 sizes, high & low vacuum with luer lock fittings. These are the best wound drainage bottles available and a vast range is kept in stock. We also keep a large range of plastic & silicone drains with and without trocars attached that may be used with Fixvac bottles or any other system you may be using.

The Pajunk range covers spinal (Sprotte), epidural, regional anaesthetic products, including the exclusive echogenic needles with nanoline coating on all stimulating needles. Pajunk also supplies bone marrow extraction cannulas and nerve stimulators.

Pfm Medical hi pressure Safety Huber needles for regional chemotherapy are available. These are the most advanced Safety Hubers available throughout the world

Silicone tubing is available non sterile in coils or sterile pre packaged to special lengths, this tubing can be supplied in many different inner & outer diameters.

ICU equipment such as multi port manifold systems, thoracic catheters, drug delivery and monitoring lines are also available.

Our objective is to bring you the best products at reasonable prices and the absolute best service possible.

If you need assistance call us and we will do whatever we can to help you

Our address is:

15 Redland Drive, Mitcham, Vic 3132 Australia

Ph +613 8833 3804 Fax +613 8833 3809

or email enquiry to sales@surimex.com.au

Pajunk Anaesthetic needles including the famous Sprotte tip spinal needles, Introducing the NEW Echogenic SonoSystem Range of Needles and Sets (SonoPlex Stim Needles, SonoLong Sets, Sono TAP Needles, Tuohy Sono Infiltralong Sets and Vascular Sono Needles)

PAHSCO Manufacturer of wound drainage products including high & low vacuum bottles ,pvc drains and silicone drains.

Pfm distributor of Bard Safety Huber Needles for regional chemotherapy.

Intra Special thoracic catheters and stopcock manifolds